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Quality Service

To provide a consistent dependable quality of service with measurable results at Member’s Building Maintenance, we’ll put our industry-leading methods to work. These consistent standards apply to chemical and equipment selection and use, employee training, safety, security, and quality control.


What you will find is that MBM takes our responsibilities to you seriously.

From our corporate offices to local managers

and service workers at your facility, MBM employees will share your goals. We’ll stay on top of your needs through technologically advanced communication, tracking, reporting, and data analysis.


In more than 30 years of doing business, we’ve learned how to work hard AND smart.

We offer

Experience + innovation =

a combination that brings you our tradition of excellence coupled

with new ways to solve problems and increase efficiencies.


Training + Empowerment =

Success enhances the overall capabilities of our employees and improves the overall performance of our system.


National scale + local presence =

providing you with markable direction and expertise coupled with knowledge of your locale and specific needs.


Results + Rewards = 

the use of positive motivation reinforces an example set for the entire company.

Employee recognition is crucial for retaining our top talent

We invite you to review the highlights of how we will put Member’s expertise to work for you.

We also encourage you to contact us and let us prove to you that our word and work are always RELIABLE.

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