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Construction Cleaning

We have more than 30 years of experience

Member’s has a division committed to post-construction cleaning from rough to final.

This includes sales, operations, estimating, safety, and customer service.

Our trained construction cleaning people have the expertise and skills to handle any work scope. 

Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning is performed before incoming subcontractors come in to do their work such as painters and installers of flooring, fixtures, and cabinets. Services include: Eliminating small areas of debris and trash, removing stickers from windows, sweeping or damp mop floor areas, removing all dust as much as possible.

Final Cleaning

Final cleaning is done once the construction process is entirely complete, prior to the final walk-through and receiving the Certificate of Occupancy. Our final construction cleaning services include Dust all vertical and horizontal surfaces top to bottom, vacuum or sweep/damp mop floors and sanitize kitchens, bathrooms, clean windowsills and window frames.

  • Final Cleaning

  • Cleaning after Substantial Completion (before punch list)

  • Cleaning after Final Completion (after punch list)

  • Removal of debris interior and exterior surfaces

  • Remove temporary protection and labels

  • Clean finishes free of dust, stains, films and other foreign substances

  • Clean transparent and glossy materials to a polished condition

  • Polish reflective surfaces to a clear shine

  • Vacuum clean carpet

  • Clean, damp mop, wax and polish resilient and hard surface floor as specified

  • Clean surfaces of equipment

  • Clean plumbing fixtures and foodservice equipment

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Power washing

  • All levels of cleaning to make move-in ready

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